Betta Edu: GINMI expresses confidence in leadership capacity, says her call for social register review, timely, in order

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The Giving to the Needy Organisation says the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Federal Republic of Nigeria— Dr. Betta Edu embodies industry experience, administrative ingenuity and intellectual sagacity— making it necessary for all to support her policies and programs as they align rightly with the wishes of the people.

GINMI asserts that the move by Minister Betta Edu to review the nation’s existing social register portrays her as one with proven experience in public service administration—who probably knows under-table transactions that birth certain programs of government.

Evangelist Reuben Uche Egwu who spoke on behalf of the Board of Trustees, stated that the organisation, following Minister Edu’s excellent media chat on her Ministery’s blueprints, it could not help, but nod in agreement with the, move to review the social register to truly identify the poorest people deserving of aid.

To say, the existing social register was hastily compiled by mostly state actors is to say the obvious, and as we all know a time to get it right will surely and that time is now.

However, we are awed reading mixed reactions trailing such a wonderful move. For so long had we yearned for a leader with an ideological understanding of poverty and social exclusion in the context of governance to lead the humanitarian ministry.

Interestingly, the organisation is delighted to see a trailblazer and a socialite raconteur as a poverty alleviator.

The Giving to the Needy Mission International queues behind every policy and ministerial blueprint, given her strong desire to deliver on the national assignment.

This time, we truly believe the review of the social register will give room for non-state actors’ contributions as they are the group working on various thematic areas— skill acquisitions and entrepreneurial development as against the duplicity of appointees.

The Organisation commends highly this initiative and we call others to support her policies and will at all times volunteer information and services for national usage.


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