List of Countries Offering Fruit Picker Jobs in 2024

List of Countries Offering Fruit Picker Jobs in 2024

The farming industry is vital for maintaining the world’s food supply and providing employment opportunities for both residents and foreign workers. One essential job in this sector is fruit picking, which is critical to the agricultural industry. This article provides a list of countries that will be offering fruit picker jobs in 2024. It also includes information on how and where to apply, the type of visas required, and eligibility criteria.


List of Countries Offering Fruit Picker Jobs in 2024

1. Australia: Australia is renowned for its vast agricultural lands producing fruits such as oranges, apples, cherries, strawberries, and blueberries. Labor shortages tend to be endemic, particularly during harvesting season, making Australia a prominent player in the fruit-picking job market.

2. New Zealand

Similarly, neighboring New Zealand is renowned for its abundant fruit farms, offering numerous opportunities for aspiring fruit pickers. Some popular fruits that need picking in New Zealand include kiwis, apples, strawberries, and cherries.

3. Canada

Moving to North America, Canada boasts of extensive apple and cherry farms, especially in its British Columbia province. This country runs a Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) inviting workers primarily from Mexico and the Caribbean.

4. United States

The United States is well-known for its vibrant fruit-picking industry, especially in regions such as California, Washington, and Oregon, where one can find numerous opportunities for harvesting apples, oranges, grapes, and much more.

5. United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, overseas fruit pickers can look forward to working on farms producing various fruits, including apples, berries, and more. This country generally needs a large workforce during the summer fruit-picking season.

6. France

As one of the important wine-making countries in the world, France has a significant need for fruit pickers during the grape harvesting season. Other fruits like apples and strawberries also provide opportunities.

7. Spain

Spain, being a prominent producer of citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruit, requires loads of fruit pickers during the harvesting season. Besides, the country is also known for its apples, peaches, and grape production.



Where to Apply for Fruit Picker Jobs in 2024

These are some standard platforms to explore fruit-picking job opportunities:

– Australia: Visit
– New Zealand: Check out
– Canada: Visit
– USA: Check out
– UK: Visit
– Germany:

. Recruitment Agencies: Many companies specialize in agricultural recruitment and can connect job seekers with prospective employers.

. Farmer’s Associations: These often have information about job vacancies and can provide valuable networking opportunities.

. Click here to apply


Types of Visa Required for Fruit Picker Jobs in 2024

The type of visa you require will largely depend on your country of origin. Here is a basic breakdown:

1. Australia: You would usually need a Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417 or subclass 462), depending on your home country.

2. New Zealand: The Working Holiday Visa is commonly used.

3. Canada: Apply for the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP).

4. USA: H-2A Temporary Agriculture Worker visa is required for this job.

5. UK: Apply for a Tier 5 Temporary Worker visa.

6. Germany: Most non-EU residents apply for a work visa or EU Blue card.



To be eligible for fruit-picking jobs and the relevant visas, certain factors such as your nationality, age, health, and ability to work are taken into account. The availability of some visas, like the Working Holiday Visa, may be restricted to younger individuals, usually between 18 and 30 or 35, based on the country. Always refer to the specific requirements mentioned by the government of the country where you plan to work.



Fruit-picking jobs are a unique opportunity to work, travel, and experience diverse cultures. In 2024, several countries offer these opportunities, providing a solution to labor shortages within their agriculture sectors. From Australia to Italy, the need for this essential role is widespread, and with the proper information on where and how to apply, visa requirements, and eligibility criteria, you are well-equipped to embark on this extraordinary journey. Before you venture out, remember to research extensively, understand the demands of the task, and follow the legal channels to acquire the necessary permits. Welcome to the world of global fruit picking – it’s a fruitful chance you won’t want to miss.


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