Nanyang Scholarship in Singapore for International Students 2024(fully funded)

Nanyang Scholarship in Singapore for International Students 2024(fully funded)

The Nanyang Scholarship is a well-known opportunity for outstanding international students in the field of international education. This fully-funded program is located in Singapore and is reputed for attracting the best talents from all around the world. Singapore, being a globally recognized educational hub, attracts a vast number of international students annually. The government, in coordination with several esteemed universities like the Nanyang Technological University, offers numerous scholarships to financially assist deserving foreign students. One of the most coveted scholarships provided is the Nanyang Scholarship (NS), targeted towards assisting international students to uplift their educational journey. This article aims to provide a detailed understanding of the Nanyang Scholarship, including its eligibility criteria, qualifications, requirements, the benefits of studying in Singapore, and how and where to apply for this prestigious scholarship.

Understanding Nanyang International Scholarships

Established by the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the Nanyang Scholarship prides itself on offering a broad range of programs for undergraduate students. This fully-funded scholarship is not just about financial aid but effectively conveys the University’s commitment to recognize outstanding academic achievement, consistent leadership potential, and significant community involvement of the students.

Being a fully-funded scholarship, it covers tuition fees, airfare, accommodation, annual living allowance, computer allowance, and graduation trip. This comprehensive support allows students to focus on their studies and explore their potential, free from financial constraints.

Eligibility Criteria for Nanyang Scholarship

Eligibility for the Nanyang Scholarship requires:

1. Open to international students.
2. Must have applied for a full-time undergraduate program at NTU.
3. Display excellent academic competence.
4. Leadership roles and significant community involvement.
5. Good standing in co-curricular activities.

Qualifications and Requirements

Successful applicants typically have remarkably high academic qualifications. Connection with community engagement, co-curricular activities, good leadership skills, and a keen intellectual curiosity are all highly regarded.

Along with an application form, students need to submit the following documents:

1. Recent Passport-Sized Photograph
2. Copy of Passport or Identification Document
3. High School Academic Results
4. Written Testimonials and Certificates

It’s important to note that the Nanyang Scholarship selection procedure takes into account the candidate’s SAT score.
Benefits of Studying in Singapore

Singapore, popularly known as the “Global Schoolhouse,” is an epicenter where East meets West. Here are some benefits of studying in Singapore:

1. High Standard Education: The education system maintains high standards, with the Nanyang Technological University ranked among the world’s top universities.
2. Strong Research and Collaboration Opportunities: In addition to providing quality education, Singapore’s universities offer a wealth of research opportunities and collaborations with the best institutions in the world.
3. Multicultural Experience: Living in Singapore means living in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual environment, supplementing a holistic international experience.

How and Where to Apply for the Nanyang Scholarship in Singapore

To apply for the Nanyang Scholarship, you need to coordinate your application online through the NTU website. The online scholarship application form will be available a few months before the start of the academic year. You must fill in and submit the scholarship application along with the required documents online. Please note that applications sent via email or post will not be accepted. It is essential to read the application guide carefully and thoroughly, ensuring that all questions are answered honestly and adequately. Click here to apply.


Known for its forward-thinking approach to education, Singapore offers international students an exciting platform to excel academically and holistically. The Nanyang Scholarship is a testament to this, attracting brilliant minds from all around the globe.

If you fulfill the requirements and share the commitment to growth, leadership, and contributing to society, the Nanyang Scholarship can be your gateway to a world of opportunities that will undoubtedly shape your future.

So if you believe you have what it takes, do not hesitate to apply and begin an unforgettable journey of personal and academic growth at Nanyang Technological University.

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