Scholarships for International Students in Norway 2024 Apply Now

Scholarships for International Students in Norway 2024 Apply Now

Education is a basic right that every individual is entitled to, regardless of their location or circumstances. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of students aspiring to study abroad due to the quality of education, exposure, and opportunities offered by international universities. Among the many countries with student-friendly policies, Norway stands out. The stunning landscapes, high standard of living, and exceptional education system make it an attractive destination for students from all corners of the world. Moreover, various scholarships for international students in Norway are making it easier for students to pursue their study dreams.

Understanding the Education System in Norway

Norwegian universities are, in most cases, state universities and hence, publicly funded. This means most bachelor’s and master’s programs are devoid of tuition fees, inviting students globally to come and study in a forward-thinking, dynamic, and innovation-oriented environment. Professional programs and private universities, though, might cost students to study, but these costs are quite minimal when compared to other popular study destinations around the world such as the US, UK, and Canada.

Types of Scholarships Offered in Norway for International Students

Scholarships are financial aid provided to students to support their education. These awards in Norway can be classified into three categories: Government, University, and private/international organization scholarships.

Government Scholarships for International Students

The Norwegian government, through the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, provides extensive support to international students. The Quota Scheme Scholarship and the Norwegian-Russian Scholarship Scheme are two of the most prominent scholarships provided by the Norwegian government for international students.

University Scholarships for International Students

Many prestigious Norwegian universities such as the University of Bergen, Oslo Metropolitan University, and the University of Stavanger offer scholarships for international students. The scholarships are often merit-based and cover part of or the whole tuition fee, depending on the course and university.

Private and International Organization Scholarships

Several Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and private sectors also offer scholarships to international students. The Leif Erikson Scholarships, North2North Scholarships, and the Erasmus Scholarships are some examples of such scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria

Understanding the eligibility criteria required for applying for scholarships in Norway is crucial for international students. Although the requirements vary from scholarship to scholarship, some general criteria are typically necessary.

1. Admission letter from the Norwegian University applied to.
2. The student must be from a developing, low-income country or Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
3. The student should not be an employee or a relative of an employee of the institution awarding the scholarships.

Qualifications and Requirements

Like any other scholarship around the world, you need to meet certain qualifications and requirements to be deemed eligible for scholarships in Norway. The requirements vary across various scholarships but typically include:

1. Exceptional Academic Record: Most scholarships demand a high academic record.
2. Proficiency in English: One must PROVE proficiency in English through exams like TOEFL or IELTS.
3. Field of Study: Some scholarships might be restricted to certain fields of study.

How and Where to Apply

The application processes for scholarships in Norway differ depending on the scholarship at hand. In most cases, you will need to file your application online through the respective scholarship program’s application portal on their website. Ensure you have all the necessary documents and meet all the criteria before applying. Click here to apply.

Benefits of Studying in Norway

Norway has always been appreciated for its strong commitment to higher education. There are quite several universities that have gained global recognition for providing world-class education while offering a broad range of courses. The continuous investment in educational research and facilities is what makes Norway an appealing country for international students.

Another major advantage of studying in Norway is that universities do not charge tuition fees. This applies even to international students. However, students may still need to pay a small semester fee. Amidst the increasing educational expenses globally, free education in Norway is indeed a blessing for many.


Norway is a wonderful place to be as an international student. It offers not only a quality education but also the experience of living in one of the most beautiful and friendly countries in the world. The scholarships for international students in Norway are making this dream a reality for many. Explore your possibilities and find the right scholarship for your academic journey in Norway. With the right research and reliable resources, pursuing an education in Norway could be a life-altering experience for you. Never limit your dreams because of financial constraints, Norway is calling you!


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