Top 5 Reasons To Study In Australia As An International Student

Top 5 Reasons To Study In Australia As An International Student

Australia is a good study destination for students and we will be showing you a good number of
reasons why Australia is such a fantastic choice for you to study in as a foreign student in this

Top 5 Reasons To Study In Australia As An International Student

Australia is a country that is very popular among international students. Many foreign students
choose this country of Koalas and Kangaroos for a number of reasons. Australia is the third most
popular study destination among foreign students, just behind the two most popular which are
USA and UK.

Australia has so many opportunities and experiences abound for its students both local and
foreign. Apart from the Koalas and Kangaroos, Australia has clean air, water and environment
and the country has a high standard of living The benefits you stand to gain as a foreign student
studying in the country are numerous.

Reasons To Study In Australia As An International

Let’s look at some reasons why Australia is indeed a good study destination for international
students below;

1. A very popular and favorite study destination for students globally

As of now, Australia is the third most popular study destination for foreign students that are
English speaking. Australia ranks just behind the UK and USA for this. Many foreign students
want to study in Canada because of the friendly and welcoming nature of Australia, the rich
cultures of the people of Australia, and the quality of education.

So, if other foreign students are flocking to study in the country, why not you? Obviously,
something must be very attractive about the country, hence the foreign student rush.

2. The Cost of Living is Affordable

When you compare the cost of living in Australia to that of countries like the United States and
United Kingdom, you will see that Australia is far more affordable to live in than those countries.

To think that the standard of living is very high in Australia, yet the cost of living is affordable is
a huge advantage. What this means is that, as a student, you will not have to spend the bulk of
your money on living costs.

3. Tuition fees are affordable and you can work while you study

Do you know that the tuition costs in Australia is also cheaper than USA’s and UK’s tuition
costs? The tuition fee for higher education in Australia is considerably lower than those two
countries. This means that studying in Australia will not be a huge financial burden on you.

Additional benefit is that you can work on a part time basis while you study. Although balancing
a career with your studies could seem very daunting but the benefit is that, you can have
financial freedom even while studying.

4. Study in a globally recognized country

Australia is well known all over the world for its excellent educational system. We should also
mention that the standard of education in the country is very high. The Australian government
works hard to keep the quality of education in Australia at a world class level.

Due to the impressive reputation that the Australian educational system has gained, graduates
from Australian higher institutions are highly sought out in the labour market. Up to five of
Australian universities were ranked by the QS World Rankings to be among the best 50
universities globally. The universities are namely: University of Melbourne, University of

Queensland, University of South Wales, Australian National University and the University of

These five universities are highly recognized and highly rated. Amazingly, according to the same
QS World Rankings of 2017, University of Melbourne was among the top 5 universities in the
world. Now, why will foreign students not flock to Australia?

5. Australia has beautiful landscapes and environments

The Australian continent has up to 5 climate seasons. So studying in the country means that you
get to experience a climate season that you might have never experienced in your home country
before. Many sites in Australia are listed among the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For example, the rain forest in Australia and the Great Barrier Reef are listed. What kind of
adventure can you not embark on in Australia? None. You can go skiing in the mountains, take a
hike through the jungle, surf on the coast, learn and experience the local culture, and so much

The possibilities are endless for you. And as a foreign student, this will be a truly priceless
experience. Undoubtedly.

If you are still not convinced that Australia is a great study destination even after these five
reasons we just dished out, then we truly do not know if anything can convince you.

As a foreign student that wants to gain the experience and privilege to study in Australia, there
are scholarship opportunities that you can research on that will fund your study in this beautiful

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